Construction Fences: Types And Features, Classification And Requirements

Any construction, especially if it is in a residential area, is a source of inconvenience and danger to others. In the construction zone, there is a particular technique; electrical equipment is concentrated, real values are stored. To protect people from injuries, and the construction site – from the disruption of the schedule, a scheme for protecting the construction site from the profiled sheet, net or other suitable material is developed and implemented.general contractor phoenix az

Temporary fencing is installed without fail for the duration of the construction, regardless of the length of the work. The package of documents “Organization of construction production” regulates the standards of temporary fences of construction sites, as well as the rules for their operation.

A fence neatly surrounds the construction site

Temporary fencing should be installed near all potentially dangerous objects, which include:

  • Building sites (scaffolding, household towns);
  • Places for the dismantling of buildings;
  • Objects under repair (bridges, road surfaces);
  • Temporary earthworks (trenches, excavations, open sewerage hatches);
  • Emergency areas (screes, landslides, dips).

Also, mass events, requiring maintenance of order (concerts, sports competitions, rallies), parking lots, dangerous avalanche sections of ski runs are temporarily sheltered.


Basic requirements for temporary fences

Building fence allows you to identify the boundaries of the site quickly; installation can be carried out if the following standards make the structure:

  • The height of protective and security fences (including fences with a visor) is 2 m; standard protective fences (without screen) – 1.6 m, fencing workplaces – 1.2 m.
  • Protective screens are made with a rise of 20 ° to the road.
  • The length of spans (rectangular sections) is limited to 1,2, 1,6 or 2 meters.
  • For pedestrians, a strip of width 1.2-1.5 m is allocated from the outside of the fence.
  • There are gates (sufficient for passage of construction equipment) and a gate. The strength of the wall controls the entire service life; it must withstand the effects of wind and precipitation.

Metal construction with visor

A design that does not meet the requirements can itself become a source of danger. There have been cases of the fall of an inadequately fixed construction fence. It happened that a strong gust of wind tore the weakly attached section. Elements of the structure injured some random passers-by and damaged passing cars. Damage sometimes proved to be significant – the weight per meter of the fence from the metal profile is tens of kilograms. Responsibility for an emergency is borne by the construction organization that installed the fence.

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