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Different Fencing Products for Different Folks;
Fencing Products

Different Fencing Products for Different Folks

The substantial variety of designs of fences and fencing products can be frustrating. Roam down the fence aisle of any hardware shop, and you’re taking a look at different terms like “dog-eared fence” and “scalloped fence.” There are half-dozen products, which might or might not match the needments for your lawn and budget plan.

It can be simple to look at the fence panels alone to figure out the cost. That’s before you take into account the costs you’ll need, any extra parts like gate pieces, and labor expenses to set up the fence.

 The task can take days to weeks, depending upon just how much time you have. An expertly set up fence can be up in as low as one day.


It’s also more affordable than other choices like vinyl personal privacy fencing or masonry fencing products. Cedar, teak, and redwood are popular fencing product types for their lasting and long-lasting residential or commercial properties. Wood fencing can last a couple of years or more with correct care, though this can differ based on wood type.


There are a couple of different types of metal fences that are popular, like aluminum, wrought iron, and chain-link fencing. Metal fences tend to be affordable. Metal fences can last years or longer with appropriate care.


For fencing products that minimize expense, you can’t beat PVC, which typically works as the stakes, post sleeves, and pickets. Because less to no wood is being utilized in the building and construction, it’s a method to increase and lower expenses sturdiness.

Masonry designs

An often-overlooked design of “fencing” is masonry. This includes designs like concrete, brick, stone, block, or stucco. They also go fantastic with houses that have magnificent or timeless designs to them.

Fencing designs

Beyond standard fencing products, fences also come in a large variety of designs. Here is a standard guide to assist you in weighing fencing designs versus each other:

Personal privacy fence

This is a typical practical kind of fence that obstructs all views outside the lawn. It typically can be found in 6-foot-high panels.

Lattice fence

This shuts out most sightlines but has a partial view through an ornamental checkered pattern at the top of each panel. It includes a little bit of romantic design to a backyard. You can frequently find the lattice fence in 6-foot-high panels.

Spaced picket fence

When somebody recommendations the ultimate rural white picket fence, this is the type they’re speaking about. It’s typically waist-high and has extensively spaced slats. It can provide a timeless and tidy aim to lawns.

Scalloped fence

This resembles the white picket fence, but the top of the fence has a curved style formed from pickets of different heights. It can provide a romantic, ornamental feel.

Dog-eared fence

The dog-eared fence blocks view with rotating slabs positioned in front of or behind each other. This type can include some appealing texture to any lawn.

Squared fence

This standard fence type is merely narrow bars positioned a couple of inches apart from each other. It’s an excellent addition to lawns with a plain, modern-day appeal.

Farm fence

The farm fence is formed by a couple of extensively spaced narrow slabs of horizontal wood. It’s generally around waist-high and offers simply adequate blockage to stop a cow from straying. It’s excellent for the nation or rustic-styled houses.

And keep in mind, prior to discovering your dream fencing products and designs, consult your regional town. Some places have height and personal privacy guidelines for fences.

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