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Building Fence Dimensions: What Should You Take Into Account?

With the right fencing you define the construction site and prevent unauthorized persons from having access to the construction site. Standard construction fences have a working width of 3.5 meters wide and 2 meters high and are used to screen off the largest lengths of a construction site. However, there are many types of building fences that can be used nowadays. How do you determine which type of construction fence is suitable for your construction site? And how many building fences do you need? This blog explains what you should take into account.

The dimensions of different types of building fences

In addition to standard building fences, you can also use city fences and crush barriers on the construction site. However, these gates have specific dimensions. The standard dimensions of these building fences are:

  • Construction fence: 3.5 meters wide and 2 meters high
  • City fences: 2.2 meters wide and 2 meters high
  • Stubborn fence: 2.5 meters wide and 1 meter high

In addition, fitting elements of 2.2 meters wide and walkways of 1.2 meters wide are also available. The height of a construction fence is 2 meters as standard, but can also be supplied with a height of 1 or 2.45 meters.

The size of the construction site

The size of the construction site is of course the most important point to take into account when determining the number of construction fences that you need. Standard building fences have a size of 3.5 meters wide. With this type of fence you screen off most of the construction site.

However, a construction site can never be divided perfectly by 3.5 meters. If you are going to install construction fences, it is therefore wise to take extra fences. In addition, in many cases extra fencing is also required on the construction site itself. For example, to shield a loose compartment, or moving parts such as on a crane.

The location of the construction site

In addition to the size of the construction site and the construction fences, the location of the construction site plays a major role. In inner-city areas, for example, you have to deal with smaller areas that need to be protected. In addition, there is much more talk about bystanders or traffic. In such cases, a city ​​fence is a solution. This type of fence is 2.2 meters wide and equipped with a sheet pile profile that gives you more flexibility in placing the fences.

An additional advantage of city ​​fences is that they partially or completely obstruct the view. This promotes traffic flow because the traffic is not distracted from the work on the construction site. In addition, it also increases the security of the construction site because valuable materials are hidden from view. Employees can work undisturbed and experience no nuisance from, for example, headlights.

Always start with the construction site layout

It is important not only to look at the perimeter and location of the construction site. The layout of the construction site also determines the type of fence and the amount of fences that you need. Is there an inner and outer ring? How is access for staff and vehicles arranged? Where is extra security needed? This not only determines how many gates are needed, but also the type of fence and accessories. For example, crush barriers are ideal for pedestrian guidance. Construction fences of 1 meter high in combination with base plates are also extremely suitable for guiding traffic.

Which type of fence fits your construction site?

Do you want to know which fences and accessories you can use best for your construction site? Make an appointment with our advisers and make optimum use of the right fencing.

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