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Construction Fences

Construction Of The Fence: Fencing The Territory Of The House Beautifully And Profitably

The wall in recent years is not only as a protection against “curious eyes,” but also performs some functions. It is worth noting that the barriers for cottages are entirely different from the walls of a private house in the city. And before you protect yourself with this kind of construction; it is worthwhile to figure out for what purposes you are installing it.

What is the difference between the fences of a private house and a suburban area?

Often a wall is set up at a dacha site to protect its territory. Considering that people pass and pass cars a little, it is not necessary to be protected by a vast moor. An ideal option in this case – a small wooden or brick fence to the waist. That is why the price of installing a wall in the country is quite low.

 When it comes to a private house in a town or village, the fence is established not only to divide and to protect the territory. Given that part of the life of a person who has his own house, spends in the yard, then it is not necessary to see to extraneous eyes all that is happening. Also, the fence protects your territory from dust from roads and street noise, acts as a confrontation with the wind. For a private house, it is best to install a fence that exceeds the height of a person.

Where to order the construction of a fence for a summer residence and a house in “Moscow”?

The company “New Technologies 2000” provides services for the construction of the following types of fences:

Wooden. Brick-wooden. Metallic. Forged. From the mesh net.

 Before the construction, we provide the plan of the object itself, its design development. The structure of the fence is completely turnkey.