Increase The Security Of Your Construction Site With Lifting Protection

Increase The Security Of Your Construction Site With Lifting Protection;

A good building fence helps to keep unauthorized people away from the construction site. A (temporary) fence basically consists of a building fence, block and clamp. In some cases, just placing a fence is not enough. To provide construction fences with more stability and safety, there are many extra accessories that you can use. One of the many accessories with which you can provide extra security for construction fences is the lifting protection.

What is a safety device?

Building fences are fixed in a block as standard. However, the fences are loose in the blocks and can be lifted out easily. Without using a safety device, a fence can be pulled diagonally out of the block so that an opening is created through which one can gain access to the terrain.

With the lifting protection, a hook in combination with a clamp ensures that the gate is anchored to the block. This not only ensures a tighter and more stable fence, it also increases   the security   of the construction site.

By applying a lifting protection in combination with the High Security Clamp you ensure that a fence is actually closed. The High Security Clamp can only be opened with a special key, making it impossible to dismantle the clamp with regular tools. When you combine the lifting protection with anti-climb fences and place the clamp on the inside of the site, it is impossible to dismantle the clamp from the outside.

Higher safety and appearance

Due to vandalism and theft, securing a temporary construction site is necessary. Placing construction fences is the first step that is taken in shielding the construction site.

To protect the construction site as optimally as possible, you must pay attention to locking, reinforcing and securing your fencing. Different accessories make it harder to get in.

In addition to lifting protection, there are several accessories that can be applied to the fencing . This includes high security clamps, struts, sight-removing cloths, hinge rings or semi-permanent placement.

Use your fencing as a security barrier against thieves and vandals

Increase the security of your construction site by paying attention to your fencing.


Which Partition To Choose To Replace The Fence In The Garden?

Which Partition To Choose To Replace The Fence In The Garden?;

Are you tired of the unsightly roasting around your garden? Our website gives you the keys to choose your fence: wood, natural or stone.

The garden is a bit of an extension of your home. You want it to be cozy and if possible aesthetic. It must be admitted that there is really more beautiful than a fence to define your green area. A small panorama of the different fences that we can find, according to your tastes and your budget, to provide yourself feel good at home!

Close your garden with fences

There are all kinds of offenses :

wooden fences : they have a natural raw appearance but require a lot of maintenance (paint, varnish, stain …). However, they are the most ecological and the most solid! Their variant in composite wood is also very resistant.

metal fences : robust, they present a risk of rust , and are quite expensive.

PVC fences : pretty fences, a little expensive and easy to assemble, but they take less time than wood.

aluminum fences : you fancy, with the colors of your choice! Contemporary and trendy, they require little maintenance, but are more expensive!

wrought iron fences : rather classic but elegant, these decorative fences require regular maintenance.

Choose a plant hedge for your garden

The garden being the paradise of the greenery, as much continue on this momentum and create green hedges . In addition to being aesthetic, they respect the environment. You can either combine a traditional fence with climbing plants , or even make the choice of shrubs online, with photinia or privet for example. But think that they will have to give them some time to grow and then they will have to be pruned and maintained regularly (unless you choose artificial plant hedges!).

The alternative of natural canes, reed, wicker or ferns can be considered: they allow to keep the side “nature” while being operational immediately.They are sold in rolls of several meters and are fixed on stakes with wire of Like natural broccoli (coconut or heather).

Protect yourself from the eyes with blackout panels

Blackout panels (also called clusters) are trendy because you can combine several with patterns, colors and different materials. They can be wooden, steel, aluminum, metal, braided, solid or perforated.

They are assembled in the manner of a kit, ready to install. As they are sealed on the floor, they require the intervention of a pro (unless you are good at masonry) because to be resistant to wind and weather, you must fix your panels.

Stone or concrete: bet on a hard fence

It may be interesting for you to invest in a concrete wall or a stone wall because they are very resistant. And over time, you’re a winner, even if the necessary investment is a little more expensive. A pretty dry stone wall will give character to your home, just like a brick wall. Solid, they guarantee privacy in your property. They can also be used as sound insulation if you live near a busy street. There are also Gabion walls , a kind of wire cage that is filled with natural stones to beautify the garden with a modern effect.

The solutions to partition your garden are so many: take the time to consider everything before you start!…

Construction Fences

Construction Of The Fence: Fencing The Territory Of The House Beautifully And Profitably

The wall in recent years is not only as a protection against “curious eyes,” but also performs some functions. It is worth noting that the barriers for cottages are entirely different from the walls of a private house in the city. And before you protect yourself with this kind of construction; it is worthwhile to figure out for what purposes you are installing it.

What is the difference between the fences of a private house and a suburban area?

Often a wall is set up at a dacha site to protect its territory. Considering that people pass and pass cars a little, it is not necessary to be protected by a vast moor. An ideal option in this case – a small wooden or brick fence to the waist. That is why the price of installing a wall in the country is quite low.

 When it comes to a private house in a town or village, the fence is established not only to divide and to protect the territory. Given that part of the life of a person who has his own house, spends in the yard, then it is not necessary to see to extraneous eyes all that is happening. Also, the fence protects your territory from dust from roads and street noise, acts as a confrontation with the wind. For a private house, it is best to install a fence that exceeds the height of a person.

Where to order the construction of a fence for a summer residence and a house in “Moscow”?

The company “New Technologies 2000” provides services for the construction of the following types of fences:

Wooden. Brick-wooden. Metallic. Forged. From the mesh net.

 Before the construction, we provide the plan of the object itself, its design development. The structure of the fence is completely turnkey.

Fencing Of Cusco

They Paralyze Clandestine Construction In The Fencing Of Cusco

Cultural staff Cusco ordered the stoppage of the construction works of a retaining wall that was built in the building of the street number 160 Tandapata, the neighborhood of San Blas, in the Historic Center of Cusco.

This retaining wall is 12 meters long and five meters high and was built by a group of workers hired by the owner of the property, Mary Cuba, who did not carry out any prior procedure for the authorization of the work.

During the intervention, it was observed that for the transfer and entry of the fence construction material, a Dorado was opened in an adobe wall, which was verified by the inspectors of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco.

The intervention of the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Alfredo Espinoza, involved the clandestine work and carried out the respective procedures to proceed by the law.

Also, to order the paralysis of this clandestine construction, the cultural entity will initiate the respective sanctioning administrative procedure to the owners of the property, for not complying with the Master Plan of the Historic Center of Cusco.

From Culture of Cusco, they cited that they have intensified their inspection and prevention work in the various traditional neighborhoods of the Historic Center of Cusco to avoid clandestine constructions that may affect the Cultural Heritage of Humanity such as Cusco.

Lithuania starts construction of a fence on the border with Russia

On June 5, the development of a protective wall begins on the Lithuanian border with Russia. Phoenix Fence ContractorsUntil the end of the year, this fence will be erected on the Lithuanian side on a 44.6 km long section, the State Border Guard Service of Lithuania reported.

The first pillar of the fence will be dug in the village of Ramoniskes in the Sakiai district of Lithuania. The cost of work is 1,335 million euros. This money is allocated from the budget of Lithuania.

Over the entire length of the 109-kilometer border along the Neman, the border service already equipped technical surveillance systems abroad. All the works envisaged in the contract for providing the new fencing infrastructure are planned to be completed by December 20 this year.

It is also planned to build a fence on the border between Lithuania and Belarus until 2020. According to Lithuanian law enforcers, these fences are erected to curb smuggling and protection from illegal migration.


Construction Fences: Types And Features, Classification And Requirements

Any construction, especially if it is in a residential area, is a source of inconvenience and danger to others. In the construction zone, there is a particular technique; electrical equipment is concentrated, real values are stored. To protect people from injuries, and the construction site – from the disruption of the schedule, a scheme for protecting the construction site from the profiled sheet, net or other suitable material is developed and implemented.general contractor phoenix az

Temporary fencing is installed without fail for the duration of the construction, regardless of the length of the work. The package of documents “Organization of construction production” regulates the standards of temporary fences of construction sites, as well as the rules for their operation.

A fence neatly surrounds the construction site

Temporary fencing should be installed near all potentially dangerous objects, which include:

  • Building sites (scaffolding, household towns);
  • Places for the dismantling of buildings;
  • Objects under repair (bridges, road surfaces);
  • Temporary earthworks (trenches, excavations, open sewerage hatches);
  • Emergency areas (screes, landslides, dips).

Also, mass events, requiring maintenance of order (concerts, sports competitions, rallies), parking lots, dangerous avalanche sections of ski runs are temporarily sheltered.


Basic requirements for temporary fences

Building fence allows you to identify the boundaries of the site quickly; installation can be carried out if the following standards make the structure:

  • The height of protective and security fences (including fences with a visor) is 2 m; standard protective fences (without screen) – 1.6 m, fencing workplaces – 1.2 m.
  • Protective screens are made with a rise of 20 ° to the road.
  • The length of spans (rectangular sections) is limited to 1,2, 1,6 or 2 meters.
  • For pedestrians, a strip of width 1.2-1.5 m is allocated from the outside of the fence.
  • There are gates (sufficient for passage of construction equipment) and a gate. The strength of the wall controls the entire service life; it must withstand the effects of wind and precipitation.

Metal construction with visor

A design that does not meet the requirements can itself become a source of danger. There have been cases of the fall of an inadequately fixed construction fence. It happened that a strong gust of wind tore the weakly attached section. Elements of the structure injured some random passers-by and damaged passing cars. Damage sometimes proved to be significant – the weight per meter of the fence from the metal profile is tens of kilograms. Responsibility for an emergency is borne by the construction organization that installed the fence.